Not officially a UFO (Yet)

Laura has asked me to make a new quilt out of an old quilt our grandma made many many years ago.  I vaguely remember it…Laura said the fabric is primarily orange and was tied, not quilted.  She wants me to use colors that compliment the orange.  It was quilted with wool batting and she tried to get it carded but it was too old and not in good shape.  I’m excited to see what she has left.   Waiting for pictures Laura (hint hint)

Depending on when she hands it over, it could be another Christmas UFO (yikes).



Filed under UFOs

4 responses to “Not officially a UFO (Yet)

  1. I found the orange fabric. Mark’s fault – once again. He had put it in a bag in the garage!

  2. Still . . . . And should it be “an” UFO?


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