Back in the Saddle

We went to San Diego to visit family the week of Thanksgiving, so I was unable to do ANYTHING sewing related.  Of course, spending uninterrupted with my family was terrific, but I did think about sewing a lot.

I also got to eat really great food and enjoy the company of my husband’s family.  San Diego weather is phenomenal!  We ate lunch on the beach (in November!); toured the USS Midway (Segundo and his little cousin spent some time in the brig, just where they belonged!); walked around Balboa Park (Jim ran in the Father Joe’s 5K on Thanksgiving morning.  We’re sure he won his age group among all Wisconsinites in the run – ha!); and spent a day at Sea World.  For the most part, the weather was really gorgeous.  The only cold day was Friday when we were at Sea World.  I’m not complaining though.

When we returned Saturday I worked on gifts for my friend who cat-sat for us.  I’m making her the potholder/dish towel gift from Tallgrass Prairie Studio’s website.  It is cute, but not a quick gift.  I spent hours on the potholder and my quilting left the final corner all askew.  In all fairness, the instructions warned me to quilt top to bottom, then bottom to top, and repeat, so the askew part is my fault.  Not a problem though, it adds to the homemade charm.  I’m going to keep making them – practice makes perfect!  The fabric is from Sherry Berry’s Christmas collection.

I also finished my “Blanket Full of Love #2” since I returned.  It’s for the baby of one of Jim’s staff members.  My oldest son so named my baby  blankets (there have only been 2 so far, but I digress).  The first one I made was for my sister-in-law’s baby and is really my favorite, though it’s not quilted (it’s tied.  Like I said I’m a beginner!)  We delivered the 2nd blanket and the mom loved it.  I also made her 3 diaper/burp cloths:  one sewn with a flannel strip down the middle (the fabric was printed with her alma mater’s design) and the other two were bound on all sides with fabric from the blanket.  I was sewing the binding on the last one as we were en route.  Talk about a last-minute finish!  It’s a lot of work, that binding, but I think it’s my favorite part of quilting.  Here’s a picture of the finished blanket – I didn’t take any pics of the burp cloths.  Yes, the fabric is generic but I learned my lesson and will only purchase high quality fabric when giving gifts in the future.  It’s amazing how different the quality is between a big retailer and designer fabric.  The pattern was cute, but it kept unraveling and I was constantly pulling threads.

My next projects are duvet covers for Primo and Segundo and I’ve made a lot of progress on Primo’s.  The front is done; I just need to sew the back and sew in a closure.  I’m using snap tape for the first time.


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