Another giveaway

When I was little, my aunt made a blanket that my sister and I called the “cottage cheese” blanket.  It was lumpy all over and I think it had a “Mary had a little lamb” theme.  I recently asked my mom about it.  She said it was likely hand quilted and cross-stitched but has been gone for a long time.  It was passed down between my 5 siblings and myself.

I really loved the texture of that blanket.  I also loved its whiteness and that white quilty-ness is the image I associate with quilting.  I can’t wait to make a white quilted blanket of my own.

Earlier this spring I came across twiddletails’ website and immediately was drawn to her version of the cottage cheese blanket.  I even wrote to her and asked her how it was done – it was quilted.  Surprise surprise.  I told you I’m a beginner!  That’s pretty much when I decided I was going to learn to quilt.  Here is Anina’s version of the cottage cheese blanket.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m linking to her Spring Fling Quilt Pattern.

Also, Anina from twiddletails is having a giveaway!  I love the giveaways.  She is holding a drawing for a selection of Wild Thyme fabrics.  The drawing ends at midnight on 12/17.  I hope I win!


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