Making progress

I’m nearing completion on Segundo’s blanket full of love.  Or rather, duvet cover full of love.  I don’t have time to make them quilts.  Not yet anyway – these are Christmas presents and I got a late start.  

Segundo’s duvet cover needs the top and bottom part, the backing, and a closure.  Primo’s duvet cover needs the backing and a closure.  I’m going to experiment with snap tape.  

Both duvet covers are made with flannel and I was finding it difficult to work with the flannel because the top layer was always stretching beyond the bottom layer, almost an inch sometimes.  Then I figured out that my walking foot might help the problem and voila!  Problem solved. 

I figure I have about 4 hours left on Segundo’s and 3 hours left on Primo’s duvet cover.  I have a meeting tonight and tomorrow night, so I think I will be up late both nights sewing.

Oh yeah.  I also finished my tea towel.  That’s the one from Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  It’s really cute, but easy?  Not really.  It was quite time-consuming and it’s still not ready to give as a gift because the matching hot pad is not yet bound.  Ugh.  Another UFO.


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