Curse you infernal snap tape!

My sewing machine does NOT like snap tape.  For the life of me I could not get it sewn in by machine.  I used my zipper foot as recommended, but the foot just kept pushing the snap tape to the side, so the stitching is all zig-zaggy and really doesn’t look nice.  I ended up spending an hour sewing it in by hand (and I’m still not done).  I’m not sure I like the results.

On the plus side, the fact that I’m ready to sew in the snap tape means that I’m almost done – yea!!  It even fits the duvet.  I’m so excited!

I managed to get the quilted coasters wrapped and given to the teachers today.  Another gift finished and given!

Tonight I’ll finish up Primo’s duvet cover and piece Segundo’s backing.  If I’m really ambitious I might get it sewn on too.  Tomorrow night I’ll have to sew in the closure – I’m using individual snaps this time.  I’m sure snap tape serves a useful purpose, but it sure is hard to sew.

Since my mom does lovely needlepoint, I ordered two patterns from Sublime Stitching as part of a Christmas gift to her.  They just came today and I can’t wait to get them all wrapped up for her.  I’m going to try to whip together a pincushion for her too.  That’s possibly the kind of thing I can finish while we’re driving to my parents’ house on Christmas.  Am I crazy?


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