Quilted coasters

I’ve had to knock out some gifts for the boys’ teachers in a hurry.  It’s not that I didn’t realize that the kids were out of school for Christmas/winter break; I did what I always do and shop last minute.  In this case they’re also getting a homemade gift.  So the teachers are getting these cute quilted coasters as well as a gift card from a local bakery/coffee shop.  I hope they like it.

I used a pattern from Joelle Hoverson’s book Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts for my first set of quilted coasters (image on left below).  I used Insul-Brite insulated batting.  It squishes down when it’s so thoroughly quilted.  They’re quite simple and the results are fun.  For the second set, I modified the pattern which made it easier to add the batting.  I used some scrap fleece for batting and the end height was the same as the first set but it was a lot softer than the batting.  It wasn’t quilted across the entire coaster so I was able to complete the second set faster.


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One response to “Quilted coasters

  1. delightfullysweet

    How adorable!
    I like giving homemade gifts more then something bought. It always means so much more!

    Happy Holidays!


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