My best Christmas present

My most memorable gift is a gift I (almost) DIDN’T receive.  It was days of the week underwear and I wanted it BADLY.  I was about 7 years old.  I checked under the tree on Christmas morning, and ‘lo and behold there it was!  I was so excited, I checked and checked again and re-checked that it was for me – it was!

Except it wasn’t.

The package didn’t say “Linda” (my name), it said “Laura” (my sister).  Only there had to be a mistake – Laura didn’t even WANT days of the week underwear.  I did.  Oh how could Santa have made a mistake?

He could have, right?

Oh sure he could have.

So it was up to me to right his wrong.  It was absolutely my responsibility to fix that mess.  So I crossed out the wrongful owner’s name and wrote the right one.  Done!

Only not.

My parents were certain that Santa could not have possibly made a mistake and it was Laura who was the rightful recipient.  Oh crushing blow.  Oh dubious wrong.  It smarted so.  To be fair, Laura did share with me when I begged enough.

Just when I thought he had forgotten, when I was about 35 years old, Santa did right by me.  I got my days of the week underwear with all of my favorite days of the week – book group day, Sex and the City watching day, sleeping in late day, etc.

Thank you Santa Laura.

Laura (left), Mary (center), me (circa 1975)

Flash forward to 2009:  all my Christmas wishes came true.  As always, we opened presents at home.  Then we went to my parents’ home and spent the next few days with my parents, the brothers who could make it, and my sister Laura and her family.  Unfortunately, Mary’s husband had to work so we didn’t see her or family this Christmas.



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2 responses to “My best Christmas present

  1. Actual sister

    Funny – I never knew you switched the names. So you still like these, huh? The gears are spinning.


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