Fresh Comfort Two blocks are done (for real this time)

OK, I know I said this already, but…it took more time than I thought to fix the second block.  I finished the block on the right last night.  I actually finished the first one the day after I received the fabric from Margaret (about 2 weeks ago!); however, after carefully placing all that beautiful fabric, I cut the second block too small.  The finished size is 14.5″ and I don’t have a template that big.

On the block on the right, I ripped out the top and then the left side, then I re-made the left strip wider and with some of my own fabric and also made a new top strip with my own fabric.  Margaret is going to cut it to the proper finished size so I don’t make the same mistake again.  I hope she likes them.  They are going in the mail TOMORROW.



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2 responses to “Fresh Comfort Two blocks are done (for real this time)

  1. Nice blocks!

    FYI: I answered your question about the star tutorial on Alissa’s blog (the one for Cancer is Sew Done). Click here to see:

    • Hey – Thanks for the tip! And thanks for stopping by. Alissa also responded to my plea so I tried it both ways and both turned out way better than mine. In fact, they turned out perfectly. Thank you.


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