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A giveaway

Heather of a la mode fabric is having a fantastic giveaway on her blog.  Hop on over and give her a virtual pat on the back.  She is one creative and productive lady!

Happy anniversary Heather!


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Free-motion quilting

I have been so afraid to try free-motion quilting.  After all that work piecing, who wants to mess it up with ugly quilting?  I took a quilting class last fall and they spent an exhaustive (though absolutely necessary) amount of time on piecing and absolutely NO TIME on quilting.  None.  I could have signed up for an extra class to finish but just haven’t had time.  So, consequently, I’ve just not been able to do this.  Well, Saturday my boys were skiing and I had the whole day to myself (I know, lucky me).  I worked on this quilt top:

and it’s done.  Yea!  It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it does look pretty and will make a nice gift.

Then, I worked on this:

I hope someday I look back on this and shudder because it’s so sloppy (actually, I look at it now and shudder because it’s so sloppy), but you know what?  I did it.  I have some issues with tension on the back and absolutely no sense of direction on the thing AND I totally ran out of thread.  I had no idea that free-motion quilting uses so much thread!  I had heard that I should load up a couple of bobbins, and I did, but I didn’t think I’d run out of thread on the spool.  It wasn’t my choice either to use white because it’s so unforgiving on this color of fabric, but it was the only good-quality  white thread I had and I didn’t want to use my expensive piecing thread.  Anyway, it’s not done, so I have much more room to practice.  Ultimately, I’m going to make this into place mats, or I’ll just throw it away, but it’s a good practice piece.


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Sunday Stash

A few weeks ago I received this in the mail:

This was a 3 pound scrap assortment from  These are complete pieces, not really “scraps”.  They’re not all my favorite colors, but there are definitely some I can work with.  I think I’ll make pillow cases out of the red in the middle.  It’s sort of southwestern-y cowboys and Indians style and I thought it would be nice for the million pillowcase challenge.  And the little underwater-theme fabric on top is super cute.  There are lots of dots and some vintage-looking items that will work for my Cancer is Sew Done theme.

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Insomniac procrastinator

I’m not really an insomniac; in fact, I’m a great sleeper.  I am, however, a procrastinator.  I was working on scout awards and for some reason was drawn to my computer.  I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because I have to blog about 2 giveaways.  No, not really.

But I am going to blog about 2 giveaways.  🙂

Dena is giving away fabric to celebrate her 300th blog post – that’s 300 posts in one year!

Amy is giving away a decorative pillow at her site.  Giveaway or not, she’s got some really lovely things on her site.  Very talented indeed.  Amy is also the host of  Sew & Tell Fridays.


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While procrastinating last night, I found Suzy’s blog.  Her new year’s day post reminded me of a trip we took long ago, when Primo was just 8 months old.  It was March of 1999 and my in-laws were living in Dubai while my father-in-law worked at a university there.  We had a layover at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.  It was a loooong layover, but not really long enough.  We were able to take the train into the city, have a beer and a snack (it was 2am our time; 8am Amsterdam time), and poke around just a bit.    Suzy’s picture of bikes parked along a river reminded me of this:

The city seemed to me to be very cosmopolitan and we felt very sophisticated just to be able to hang out there a bit.

Here’s a gratuitous cute shot of my (then) very chubby baby from the same trip.  Check out those screw-on wrists!  He looks nothing like this now, not even the blue eyes and certainly not the chub.  But I love it.He and I are now almost the same height as was very apparent to me this morning when he hugged me before leaving for school. {sigh}  They grow up so darn fast.

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Blog-hopping Wednesday

Another busy day off…today I’ll be volunteering in school and getting badges for the boys’ scout meeting.  Here are some finds from this week’s blog-hopping:

Vanessa has designed the most darling baby quilt for the Moda Bake Shop.  I wonder if the baby is up for grabs too?

Rebecca made super cute chicken pincushions.  I want one!  I definitely notice a birdie theme to her fabric choices.  Now that I re-read the post, I think someone else (Jaime?) designed the pincushions but I couldn’t find them on her blog.  Don’t want to mis-credit.  Still love the chickens and the birdie fabrics.

Tamara was de-stashing in anticipation of a new baby.  She is the founder of Sunday Stash.

I came upon Corrie’s Valentine’s post just a little too late for this year, but it’s in the back of my head for 2011.  She also previews some 2010 holiday fabrics.  Is it too early for Christmas?

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Sunday Stash

A Santorini charm pack plus 3 half yards of (from top to bottom) Nature’s Whimsey by Laurie Godin, Uptown by Erin Michael, and Hot Blossom by Robert Kaufman should make a sweet baby blanket for my little niece.  Still in need of sashing and backing.


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