While procrastinating last night, I found Suzy’s blog.  Her new year’s day post reminded me of a trip we took long ago, when Primo was just 8 months old.  It was March of 1999 and my in-laws were living in Dubai while my father-in-law worked at a university there.  We had a layover at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.  It was a loooong layover, but not really long enough.  We were able to take the train into the city, have a beer and a snack (it was 2am our time; 8am Amsterdam time), and poke around just a bit.    Suzy’s picture of bikes parked along a river reminded me of this:

The city seemed to me to be very cosmopolitan and we felt very sophisticated just to be able to hang out there a bit.

Here’s a gratuitous cute shot of my (then) very chubby baby from the same trip.  Check out those screw-on wrists!  He looks nothing like this now, not even the blue eyes and certainly not the chub.  But I love it.He and I are now almost the same height as was very apparent to me this morning when he hugged me before leaving for school. {sigh}  They grow up so darn fast.


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  1. suzyinblue

    Thanks for linking ti my blog and post! It’s funny how your memory of the bikes matched my photo, even thought your photo is from a completely different neighborhood!:) But then again, there are SOOO many bikes here in Amsterdam and the streets are so much alike I actually get lost all the time!

    (I love your bike shot btw! And the bub is super cute, too!)


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