Insomniac procrastinator

I’m not really an insomniac; in fact, I’m a great sleeper.  I am, however, a procrastinator.  I was working on scout awards and for some reason was drawn to my computer.  I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because I have to blog about 2 giveaways.  No, not really.

But I am going to blog about 2 giveaways.  🙂

Dena is giving away fabric to celebrate her 300th blog post – that’s 300 posts in one year!

Amy is giving away a decorative pillow at her site.  Giveaway or not, she’s got some really lovely things on her site.  Very talented indeed.  Amy is also the host of  Sew & Tell Fridays.



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2 responses to “Insomniac procrastinator

  1. suzyinblue

    Omg! I hear you! I am such a procrastinator – if they were giving out awards I’d seriously be the procrastinator of the year! And now excuse me as I go back to Project Runway!:)


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