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Quilting Month

Tomorrow is the first day of April, April Fool’s Day, and the first day of Quilting Month over at SewMamaSew – yea!  A month of specials devoted to my favorite craft, quilting.  Check it out.  That’s where I’ll be.


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March blocks for Rachel

From Fresh Comfort Two Bee.  Hope Rachel likes ’em.

These were not at all hard to make, but it’s a bit time consuming sewing around all those shapes.  Not that I minded.  I was just thinking that this was a good block to do for a bee because I wouldn’t want to make them all myself (‘cuz I’m really sloooooow).  Just sayin’.

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So my sister Laura found me, or rather, she found my blog.

She’s the oldest of the Stitch Sisters (there are 3 of us).

And she wanted to know why I haven’t used the banner she designed for my blog.  Gulp.  I hadn’t yet had a chance to upload it, because I’m not too technologically inclined, but as you can see the new banner doesn’t exactly fit.  And I can’t figure out how to make it fit.  Because I’m not too technologically inclined.

Or maybe it’s fine the way it is and I should just start calling myself “Stitchsis”.  The T is cut off so perfectly, it looks like it’s supposed to be an apostrophe.

What do you think?


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Quilting for charity

I received this little package from Quilts for Kids the other day.  It’s a pretty simple concept:  they sent me all the fabric I need for the front, back, and binding.  I have to supply the batting and, of course, it has to be quilted (eek!!)

They also supplied a really scratchy label, but I don’t think I have to use it.  Could be wrong about that, but I’m kind of hesitant to make a nice soft quilt and add that label.  Hmmm…

Anyway, the fabric is super cute (Nuts & Robolts by Chris Reed for P&B Textiles) and the pattern couldn’t be simpler.  They even cut the squares for me!  They do ask that I contribute another quilt (or two) of my own since I accepted their fabric.  I think I’ll give this one.  It’s a great concept.


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I AM a winner!

Yep, it’s confirmed:  I won a pattern from one of my all-time favorite blogger/stitchers, Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson! 

Yea – thanks Elizabeth!!  I am so very grateful.

She actually picked me the day after my birthday so I am a bit pokey about posting.


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Procrastination Wednesday

Actually, every day is a procrastination day for me. 🙂  I just can’t help myself.  The web is such a font of knowledge and inspiration I just can’t help spending my free time here.  I know you know what I mean.  After this, I’m going to get some real work done.  But for now…

Today I entered a little contest at 44th Street Fabrics.  In addition to tossing my name in the ring for 6 yeards of Hushabye fabric (!), I found a great etsy store and an awesome blog.  Check it out.

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Finally got some sewing done

I’ve accomplished a lot of things in the last few weeks, but sewing?  Not so much.  I think the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt-Along is in week 4.  I, however, am back in week 2.  I’m kind of dreading week 3 because my machine doesn’t like the quarter-inch seam (I know, essential to quilting, right?) which makes it harder to do half-square triangles, and there are a LOT of HSTs in the sampler.  That said, I’m happy how these turned out.

And now that I see the color combinations in the pictures, I think I’ll go with more yellow/gold and orange/pink instead of the darker pink/maroons.  My LQS has more of Anna Maria Horner’s Filigree in Sun so I’ll pick that up.  I’m also going to add MakeLife by Sweetwater in Sun – they’re kind of orange-y dots.

Tonight I’m going to a quilt show put on by the West Suburban Quilt Guild at Mount Mary College.  It will be my first and I’m really looking forward to it.


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