In a family with busy weekends, this past weekend was really crazy hectic.  Between soccer games (played and watched), a musical, an Oscar Party, a tap dance performance and fundraiser, and the first meeting of the Milwaukee-Madison Modern Quilt Guild…whew!  I hardly had time to catch my breath.

I also didn’t have time to pick a winner, or at least I didn’t have time to blog about it.  So, I’m happy to announce that the winner of  my little it’s-my-birthday-and-I’m-glad-my-dog-is-back drawing is…

DUFF!  I’m happy to say that I scored some fresh Flea Market Fancy late last week, so I’m replacing the piece that was previously washed with a brand new one.  But because she asked, I’ll make sure she gets a little bonus dog hair with it.  Um, not really.

Thank you to everyone who shared their lost pet stories with me and wished me a happy birthday.  Kristen, if you’re reading this, you still have to tell me about the blue crabs!



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3 responses to “Winner

  1. ria

    Don’t get too busy!!! Don’t forget to take some time for yourself!!

  2. Kristen

    Linda: You crack me up! Here’s the crab story. Realized “blue crabs” didn’t sound so good…
    We have two fish tanks built into the wall in our finished basement–one 55-gallon and one 75-gallon tank. We had a blue crab (they look like little lobsters but they are a bright neon blue) in each tank. We have the worst luck with them dying. And twice, a crab has crawled out of the tank and fallen on the basement floor to his death. Sometimes we didn’t find where they went for a while. So once, our friend Mike send us a postcard from Florida signed “Larry the blue lobster”…it was funny.

  3. Em

    Wahoo and congrats to DUFF!!!! i love duff!!!! what a lucky lady.

    So glad that you got your puppy back and I Hope you had a day of CELEBRATIONS on your birthday, Em


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