So my sister Laura found me, or rather, she found my blog.

She’s the oldest of the Stitch Sisters (there are 3 of us).

And she wanted to know why I haven’t used the banner she designed for my blog.  Gulp.  I hadn’t yet had a chance to upload it, because I’m not too technologically inclined, but as you can see the new banner doesn’t exactly fit.  And I can’t figure out how to make it fit.  Because I’m not too technologically inclined.

Or maybe it’s fine the way it is and I should just start calling myself “Stitchsis”.  The T is cut off so perfectly, it looks like it’s supposed to be an apostrophe.

What do you think?



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5 responses to “Busted

  1. Actual sister

    I think we can do better. Remember, you asked me to make it slightly larger than the blog host prescribed. I was skeptical but I just do as I’m told. I think it could also use some kind of border. I made a really cool one out of the photos of the fabric you sent me but it took forever to load. You would like it though. I cropped little diamonds and quilty shapes out and pieced them together – an electronic quilt! It looked just like a photo of a real quilt. I’ll see if I can send you what it looked like. Let me know if there are any other adjustments you’d like before I rework it and I’ll send you a fix.

  2. Sister-in-law

    Double-busted!! You have a BLOG!? And you didn’t tell me? You sneaky thing. (I had one for about five minutes in January. It now lies abandoned in cyber-space…)

    I love it, BTW. Can I put you on my RSS feed?

    Miss you 🙂


  3. Natalie

    Your computer illiterate mom found you too. Love you, NKD


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