Quilting for charity

I received this little package from Quilts for Kids the other day.  It’s a pretty simple concept:  they sent me all the fabric I need for the front, back, and binding.  I have to supply the batting and, of course, it has to be quilted (eek!!)

They also supplied a really scratchy label, but I don’t think I have to use it.  Could be wrong about that, but I’m kind of hesitant to make a nice soft quilt and add that label.  Hmmm…

Anyway, the fabric is super cute (Nuts & Robolts by Chris Reed for P&B Textiles) and the pattern couldn’t be simpler.  They even cut the squares for me!  They do ask that I contribute another quilt (or two) of my own since I accepted their fabric.  I think I’ll give this one.  It’s a great concept.



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2 responses to “Quilting for charity

  1. Kait Laufenberg

    Hi Linda- I just got the same package in the mail last week – we should do a quilt along together! It’s also the same fabric, someone must have donated a bolt to them! Great minds quilt alike 🙂


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