Question #6 from Milwaukee-Madison Modern Quilt Guild

Our Milwaukee-Madison Modern Quilt Guild poses a question every week.  This week they asked about our other hobbies and interests.

In addition to quilting, my interests include anything my boys are doing.  At this stage of our lives, this IS my life.  They play sports:  football, soccer, and baseball; they play video games (about the only one of their interests that I’m NOT interested in); they are in scouts; they love watching sports; they play guitar; they take swim lessons; they tap dance.  Consequently, I’m the treasurer of their baseball league as well as the uniform chair, and I am the awards coordinator for the cub scouts.  I also volunteer in their school when I can, though as they get older that need gets less and less.  I mean the school’s need for me is less, not my need to be involved in their school 🙂  I volunteer in their library every other week.  I also work full time (almost) at my favorite job ever.  So my desire to sew and do things with my hands is severely outweighed by the number of hours in the day.  There simply aren’t enough hours to do the things I like to do and still sleep, cook, clean, work, etc.  I think that would be seconded by most people, no?

OK, the other thing I do, though not enough (there’s a theme here) is crochet.  My grandma and my mom taught me to crochet when I was 6, so I’ve been doing that for a while.  I’m constantly scouring the Internet for new patterns (I found a fun one for, of all things, a washable Swiffer cover!).  But I find myself crocheting mostly in the cold months because I can’t stand the thought of having a heavy blanket of yarn on my lap when it’s 90 degrees outside!  I guess the good thing about that is that we have more cold months here in Wisconsin than we have warm months (though Mother Nature didn’t get that memo this year – luckily).

One more thing that I like to do, and actually make time for, usually, is read.  Right now I’m reading “Little Bee” for the book group that I’ve been with since about 1990.  I’m tempted to get a Kindle because of the portability factor, but mostly I check out books from the library and so far that’s been good enough for me.


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