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First June Post…

…And a finish!

Ruth sent the fabric for her blocks at the beginning of May but I really didn’t know where to start with them.  She wanted blocks based on Denyse Schmidt’s “Drunk Love in a Log Cabin.”  I think everyone else got the gist of that, except me.  It took me a while (a loooong while) to figure out that they’re just wonky log cabin blocks.  Even I can do that.  Here is what I came up with:

She said we could add fabric from our own stash, but I really don’t have much blue fabric.  Really.  The striped pieces in the right picture are mine; otherwise, everything else was Ruth’s.  I hope she doesn’t feel short-changed on that.  She sent enough for both blocks, so I used almost all of her fabric.  Had she sent pink fabrics I’d have been able to make many out of my own stash.  It’s odd that I have so much pink since I have boy kids.

Now that I look at them in the picture, the one on the right doesn’t look very wonky but it will when Ruth squares up the sides.  She’s going to have to trim a bit to square them up and then, hopefully, it will look more like what she had in mind.  I hope.

My month is July and I’m thinking I’ll assign everyone a pinwheel block.  Or is that lame?  I love pinwheels, but my machine doesn’t do a very good 1/4 inch seam and that’s so essential when sewing triangles.  I have all this great fabric from when I started the pinwheel sampler quilt-along, but I didn’t really care for the pinwheels Rachel chose so I dropped the project.  At least as she envisioned it.  I figured I’d come up with more blocks on my own, but I really want it finished and I don’t think I will be able to make all the neat pinwheels I like with my machine.

My other idea is to have everyone make little houses using red and aqua but I have seen that a lot.  Hmmm…what to do.


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