Staycation all I ever wanted…

I have no desire to go on an actual trip.  Not right now anyway.  What I want is a week off of work.  I might have mentioned before that I absolutely love my job (love, love, love it!).  However, I haven’t had any time off in a good while.  Well, I haven’t had any time off to just stay at home and hang out with the boys, that is.  I actually took a few days last November and we all went to San Diego, but I digress.

This week that’s exactly what I am doing.  I have taken the week off to stay at home and tackle a “to do” list about as long as my arm.  Maybe longer.  My list includes a lot of hanging out with kids, a lot of sewing, and a lot of purging of stuff.  My list also includes a bunch of fun things around town, like this:

Do you see where this is going?  A whole bakery dedicated to CUPCAKES!  Oh yeah.


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One response to “Staycation all I ever wanted…

  1. Oh my! There is a cupcake bakery/boutique in our town and I’ve been there once. I SO want to go back, but my husband doesn’t seem to get the allure. Girls just love cupcakes!


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