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Busy week

The Freedom Block Swap deadline has come and gone and I mailed out all of my blocks on time.  That bee was different from most in that each member sent enough fabric for one block (at least one fat quarter) to each member of the group, but the design of the block was totally up to the maker.  I really struggled with some of these because the block I originally chose to make (top row left) just wasn’t coming out at the right finished size.  I finally purchased a 1/4″ foot for my machine but the blocks were still taking way too long to finish.  The second block I chose (top row, right side) needed longer pieces of fabric than I received from most of the bee members.  Consequently, I ended up piecing some of the blocks, which I didn’t want to do.  I finally ended up making other blocks that better fit with the amount of fabric I received (top row middle and bottom row).  Here  are all of the finished block (you’ll have to click the image to see the whole thing; there are 10 blocks):

I’m rather underwhelmed by the pictures (because my camera sucks or maybe it’s operator error – whatever) but I can tell you that in person they do look nice.

I also completed blocks for Fresh Comfort 2 but then found out that one set isn’t cut right so I have to fix them.  Here are spider web  blocks for Anita:

The spider web blocks were kind of hard because there was no seam allowance in the instructions and they therefore didn’t come together neatly.  It’s too bad too because the fabric is really nice. They do end up at 8 1/2″ square, so I hope she can still use them.

These are string blocks and I have to remake them:

I liked making these string blocks.  They were really very easy so I’m not sure what happened.  I guess I just didn’t trim them down correctly.  I’ll have to finish them off another day.  I’m just too tired to create anything now.  It’s almost 3am and I can barely keep my eyes open.

This was a very lucky week for me.  I hope to post my winnings tomorrow.


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Quick update

I got a total of 1 1/2 blocks done last night.  No wait!  I actually only completed one.  Here is the one that I completed.  It  is part of a very long project (from the 2nd QAYG Quilt Along):

And here is the one that I couldn’t quite finish.

Believe it or not these took hours to finish.  I make a practice block every time I try something new.  I’m practicing for the November Do. Good Stitches block.  I can make a block in any style but it has to include a little embroidered piece that was provided by the quilt designer.  I’m too afraid to screw it up so I’m totally playing it safe.  I did finish my practice block this evening and then made another one that is a bit wonky and that is the one I’ll use for the final design. The block above involved precision and I simply can’t eek precision out of my machine.  I broke down today and purchased a 1/4″ foot and we’ll see how that goes.

The QAYG block is time consuming because I quilt each piece as I lay it down.  I’ve tried it the other way (sew each piece to the batting and then quilt the whole thing) and it does go more quickly but I don’t like the finished result quite as much.

So, that’s what I got done last night, and what I didn’t get done.

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Another First

My first Friday Night Sew-In.  Jim is out of town and the boys have a movie to watch.  That leaves me with some sewing time.  Yea!!

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A big finish

This week (Wednesday precisely) I finished a quilt that has been languishing in my office for over a year.  Let me correct that:  it is not just “A” quilt, it is my first quilt.  It is the first thing I learned to piece, it is my first complete quilt that is bigger than a baby stroller.  And I love it.  I loved it when I was piecing it, I loved it when I was picking out the fabric, I loved binding it, and I love it now that I can throw it over my knees while I watch TV.  Okay fine, it’s small.  It is however, larger than one you might tuck in a baby stroller.  I deserve some credit for that.  While I might not have graduated to full adult body-sized quilts (not yet anyway), I can still step back and admire this baby.  Here she is (click on the picture to see the complete image – I couldn’t size it to fit this page properly):

I’ll try not to throw my back out patting myself on it.  Try to ignore the scraggly plant in the background – I guess it’s time to get rid of that.  I’ll be the first to admit it’s not without flaws, but notice how all the trees are going in the same direction in the border?  I did that intentionally.  I think this is the last time all of my points lined up too.  The kid holding up the quilt is over 5 feet tall, so I bet it’s a good 4 feet square.  Not that small, right?  So this was a good week, a week in which I finished a project long overdue and I am, obviously, proud of it.

I like this quilting thing.  I think it’s going to catch on.

UPDATE:  I am updating this post to say it is my first ever Sew & Tell post – yea!!  I’ve never really thought my stuff was Sew & Tell worthy, but I think this one will do 🙂


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Need a fix

Need a lighting fix.

I know I can find instructions on the web for making a light box in which I can photograph my blocks and other small things.  I need one.  My lighting setup is just terrible, even in the morning sun.  These pictures were taken this morning when it was bright and sunny but you can hardly tell:

These are more blocks for the QAYG Quilt Along.   That’s 4 blocks down and, like, a bajillion to go.  The important thing though is that these are for ME.  I’m not making them for anyone else’s quilt but mine.

I also finally uploaded some blocks for a quilt that are not for me.  They’re for the Do. Good Stitches charity quilt I’m helping create.  Alesa asked for blocks in green/teal and orange/yellow.

When put side by side, they also create blocks like this:

And you can see both blocks together here:

And on the off-chance that Laura reads this before she gets her mail, here is a sneak peek for something I’m working on for her:


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