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A look back

Another year done, many many accomplishments.  I can’t say I did much “quilting” per se, but I can say I feel more accomplished at it than at this time in 2009.  Mostly, I participated in quilt alongs and bees, all of which were enjoyable.  That said, I’m going to do less of that in 2011.  It’s time to do more for the people I love.  As a serial volunteer I fear I don’t leave enough time for family and I know I don’t do enough sewing for pleasure.  I wish to do more of that in the new year.

This is a culmination of a year of bees – basically, stuff I did for others.  One bee, do. Good Stitches, is ongoing; the others will end soon or have already ended.  And then I think I’m done with bees for a while.  I won’t hold myself to that though; I’m often eager to jump in to new projects despite my better judgement.

As for last year’s resolutions, let’s just say I accomplished, um, none.  Oh well.  So I have only one this year: make more, learn more (is that 2?).  It would be nice to include a mosaic of finished quilts this time next year instead of just finished blocks.

I have seen a few blog posts where people are trying to get one WIP finished per month.  I don’t want to pressure myself that way and besides, I don’t have 12 unfinished WIPs.  Do I?

I do!

After thinking about what others are doing, I decided to come up with a list of my own projects and I must say I have kinda a lot going on.  Here are the ones that I have already started:

1.  Pinwheel sampler quilt (just a few blocks (4?) made)

2.  Purple/green/yellow baby quilt (quilt top finished)

3.  Freedom Bee quilt (still waiting for 2 blocks)

4.  Fresh Comfort 2 quilt (still waiting for one block and, uh, since my month was July I’m thinking that final block is never coming.  Grrr.)

5.  Red/aqua quilt (all pieces cut, some blocks made, not too happy with it so I may need to select new reds)

6.  Quilts for Kids quilt (this should really be on the top of my list, actually.  The quilt top is done and the batting is attached but not the backing (wtf?))

7.  Stockings (I started these right before Christmas and, honestly, just sewed together the patchwork but it’s a WIP nonetheless)

8.  Felted sweater quilt (blocks are cut – this one is going to be fun!)

9.  QAYG Quilt Along quilt (5 blocks done ~ this one is ongoing because those blocks are time-consuming)

10.  Wonky modern baby girl quilt (idea from Fat Quarterly and not sure what it’s really called)

Here are the ones that are still in my head but for which I have the fabric:

11. Sherbet pips quilt – I have this charm pack.  LOVE IT!!

12.  Daisy Janie beautiful organic charm rectangles – I won these.  Lucky me!

13.  Sit and Sip quilt – my own creation

14.  Tree skirt a la Fat Quarterly

15.  Dog bed (poor Coal has been waiting a LONG time for this one – woof!)

16.  Airplane quilt for Segundo (actually, he’s probably long outgrown this fabric)

And that’s it.  My entire WIP and dream WIP list.  I have no preconceived notions that I will accomplish all of these in the new year, but I am definitely going to enjoy trying!



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Friday Night Sew-In, December Edition

For the latest edition of FNSI:  All I wanted to complete was one pair of pjs for my youngest for Christmas.  I almost succeeded.  I had an issue with the elastic and need to purchase some that’s thinner; otherwise, they went together really nicely.  Yes, that’s New England Patriots fabric, not Green Bay Packers as one from Wisconsin should wear.  But that’s what he asked for and I aim to please.  Tomorrow I’ll knock out a pillow case from the yards of extra Patriots fabric I bought.

The hem looks a bit crooked in this picture but I did check it and all is fine 🙂

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