A note about New Year’s Traditions

New Year’s Traditions?  I don’t have any.

OK, I take that back, our family has two but they’re New Year’s EVE traditions.  Other than that, we don’t really do anything to mark the new year and I’m not good at sticking to resolutions so I don’t usually make those either.

OK, I take that back too.  I make the same new year’s resolution every year and every year I break it within a week:  no library fines.  Generally simple and attainable, right?  Yeah, not for me, though I don’t feel bad when I do inevitably break the resolution because I’m supporting a good cause.

I hope this one doesn’t become a tradition for our family:

That’s my husband on new year’s day plunging into Lake Michigan.  The temperature outside was 18 F; there were ice chunks on the beach where he entered the water; there was a furious wind whipping the sand and the surf; AND, it doesn’t count unless you go totally under.  He wasn’t alone though, oh no.  The local paper reported hundreds of nutters went in and, in fact, a good family friend went in with my husband.  Here’s a crowd scene:

See that line of messy fencing in the foreground?  That’s SNOW FENCING.  Yeah, for the inevitable Wisconsin snow.  Here’s a closeup of what the more sane people were wearing:

Oh wait, that’s my husband and our friend, never mind.   It had been nearly 20 years since he last went in but he surprised me when our son asked how many times he had been in and replied, “more than 5”. Seriously?  More than 5.  Wow.  Even I didn’t know that.  Since it was so packed at the lakefront we had to park pretty far from the beach which also means it was a long long walk with frozen hair.   Despite the fact that I didn’t go in, I had to confess that my butt was frozen. It really was.

We finished the morning with our friend and kids at Starbucks.  I treated.  I figured they earned it.

On another note, I finished a quilt already.  Yea!!  I started it back in May but had yet to quilt and bind it.  I quilted it on Saturday and finished the binding Sunday afternoon.  It’s for Quilts for Kids so they have strict requirements about the quilting (must be heavily quilted to stand up to hospital washing) and binding.  There is concern that it will get snagged on an IV line so they recommend “pillowcasing” it or folding the back to the front to make the binding or traditional binding.  I chose to do a semi-traditional binding with the only difference that I didn’t hand sew it at the end:  I zigzag stitched it.  It actually didn’t look too bad though that wouldn’t be my chosen method if I was giving it as a gift.  And I think I learned how to sew it more neatly next time so the zigzag stays closer to the binding on the back AND the front.  I hope to get it in the mail this week.  Isn’t it a happy print?  All the fabric except for the binding was provided by Quilts for Kids.

I think that’s a pretty good start to the new year.



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3 responses to “A note about New Year’s Traditions

  1. Erin

    Thanks for your feedback on wordpress. I appreciate it. I like blogger, but have just found it slow. However, I will be keeping my slow for now as your points were valid and I’d rather keep my simple blogging just that!

  2. I am in next year. Mark thinks I am crazy but the call of the ocean is just too much – even in the dead of winter. Maybe especially.

    • You are crazy. And I’m sure if it was the ocean it would be warmer, but this is Lake Michigan and there are ice chunks!! That said, I’m sure you’d be most welcome. You know what they say about misery…

      Let’s talk closer to the day; I have tips.


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