Snowmageddon 2011 – Wisconsin Style

Snow day today.  Huge blizzard.  Blizzard of the century.  The schools are closed, a state of emergency has been declared, banks and businesses are closed, motorists are advised to stay off the streets.  Neighbors are banding together to free cars and front porches.  It’s now mid-afternoon and it’s no longer scary out there though it’s pretty cold.  The snow plows have come through and cleared the streets.  The kids are having fun.

This view is looking south from the sun room window at about 9:00 this morning. The snow drift on our porch is about 3 feet high and no one had started shoveling yet.

My oldest came home after spending the night at a friend’s house.  He brought 3 12-year-old friends and they helped shovel the neighbor’s driveway and front walkway.  It took about 3 1/12 hours.

One person on the block had to go to work today and got stuck on the snowy road.  Many hands were required to shovel and push her out.  Minutes later the plow came through and cleared the road.

Where would we be without this neighbor and his snow blower?  Buried under 4 feet of snow, that’s where!  It never fails, Mike clears the sidewalk in front of several houses every time it snows.  This morning he loaned it to my husband so he could clear our driveway.  Then he loaned it to the neighbor on our other side.  He’s a Godsend.

It looks like everything will be back to normal tomorrow.  The kids will be back in school and we’ll be back at work.  It was good while it lasted.


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