Shameless Thievery From a Sticky-Fingered Typist

UPDATE:  Since I originally posted this entry (and the previous) I did something (I have no idea what) to fix the fonts.  Could have been deleting the fonts from the Typekit thing, clearing the cache, as was one suggestion, or simply closing the browser and opening it up again. It was not, despite my post below, the result of borrowing someone else’s fonts.

The world will never know.  And neither will I.


I’m a thief; I admit it.

I stole someone else’s font choices since mine became so spectacularly mucked up.  I’d use stronger words but I’m a lady.

I was blog hopping and came across a crafty blogger who had that little Typekit icon in her menu bar so I peeked into her font stash. Then I shamelessly copied her choices.  I guess I didn’t actually steal her fonts since she can still use hers.  And I can use them too.  Wouldn’t that be more like imitating then?  And isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?  I think that’s my story.


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