When close enough just doesn’t cut it

M has been wanting to try recipes from “Star Wars Cookbook II:  Darth Malt and more Galactic Recipes”.  Padme Pad Thai was a smashing success.  Appropriately spicy.  Next up:  Darth Maul Dip.  M and Jim had done all the prep work for the dip, and it was chilling in the fridge when I got home from work.  All that was left was sprinkling the poppy seeds over the Darth Maul template to make the scary face.  And for some reason it was up to me to do the sprinkling.  I should have smelled a setup.

First of all, some background information is in order (I mean, let me make excuses for myself):  this cookbook is a school library book.  I didn’t think it was a good idea to press the template into the dip. Because it’s a school library book.

Have you ever made anything with a template?  Then I’m sure you know the template has to be flush with the surface under it in order to transfer the shape, right?  Well, I know that too, but it’s a school library book.  I didn’t think it was a good idea to mess up the template.

How do you think that turned out for me?

Darth Mess


M took one look at it and walked out of the kitchen.  Not a word was spoken though some tears were shed.  Clearly he was crushed that I had wrecked his creation.  My name was mud, akin to the Tooth Fairy forgetting to pick up the tooth or leave the cash.  That one FOR SURE wasn’t my fault.

Anyway, some quick thinking and scraping off the poppy seeds and starting over.

Viola!  Darth Maul Dip.

Appropriately accessorized with action figures and a dash of redemption.

PS Anakin and Darth Vader are fighting in the upper right hand corner.  What did you think they were doing?


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