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FNSI January 2012

So much to do, so little time.  This is the story of my life.

I did take a little time last night to work on my youngest son’s Christmas present (ahem).  You see, when I realized that his quilt wasn’t going to get done for Christmas, I boxed and wrapped it and presented it to him with the promise that I would get it done soon.  All that was left was the binding.  My sewing machine pretty much keeled over from exhaustion while I was making his (and his older brother’s) Christmas present and I barely finished quilting it.  Getting the binding on one side was a real challenge.  I could bore you with the details but hopefully I’ll soon be able to show you a new sewing machine instead.  Anyway…

Today I present my progress from last night’s Friday Night Sew In.  This is all I have left of the binding:

Can you see the white in the upper right corner?  That’s actually a mistake that I can’t quite figure out to fix (the backing slipped down from the end when I was quilting it), but you can see where the red binding ends on the right and the left.  Once that’s sewn down I’m done!

So, just a sneak peek for now.  I can’t wait to show the whole thing wrapped around his little body once it’s done.

Note to self:  change the header already!!



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