2012 First Finish

A quilt for M.  And a 2012 first finish.

I posted about it a month ago for January’s FNSI.  All I had left at that time was sewing the binding and fixing a little snafu with the backing.  M and the cat have been sleeping under it for over a month now and since we have some bright, bright sunshine today I thought I’d snap a few pictures.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  M and the cat love it too.

M quilt 2012 - front

I was inspired by Malka Dubrawsky’s duvet cover from the Spring 2011 Stitch magazine but didn’t remember exactly how she made it, or that it was a duvet cover.  The actual pattern calls for 6 solids and mine uses 5.  They’re simply arranged, each piece about 18″ x 40″ (again, my memory fails me) and stitched together to make a twin quilt. My friend Corinne shared her magazine with me and I realized Malka’s was a bit different, especially with 6 colors to my 5,  plus the fact that hers is a duvet cover.  Since I had already cut my fabric and didn’t have enough time (or the patience, honestly) to make it a duvet, I kept to the original plan.  Voila!  My version.

M quilt in the snow

I like the back too.  I used a twin sheet I had purchased years ago and pieced in the solids from the front.  It’s almost reversible, actually.

M Quilt back



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