A 6th grade boy at my son’s middle school in Wauwatosa was killed by a train yesterday morning as he walked to school.  He was wearing headphones and didn’t hear the train coming.  He didn’t see the guard arm or the flashing lights.  He didn’t hear the train’s whistle the conductor was frantically blaring when he realized he was going to hit the boy.  The boy didn’t die immediately; it took about 30 minutes.  If there is mercy in this world, the boy was unconscious after he was hit.

I don’t know him or his family personally, but I do know them because I am a mother.  His friends are my sons’ friends.  We live in a small community and our kids play together or against each other in soccer and baseball and football.  We parents bond with each other through our kids at games and concerts and at school and at countless other community events.  We are joined by a commonality of children whom we love and pray for and wish the best for.  And we wish they didn’t have to deal with something so senseless.  I wish his parents weren’t grieving right now.  I grieve for them.





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2 responses to “Grief

  1. That is so horrible. I can’t imagine his parents grief. I will be keeping them in my prayers. ~Kimberlee


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