Should we or shouldn’t we?

Pros and cons of adopting another dog.



  • Doggy friend for Coal (#1 Pro)
  • Desire to rescue sweet lab after her family gave her away because she was “too much work”
  • New running buddy with a lot of energy
  • Likes to play fetch (Coal, not so much)
  • More dogs = more to love
  • More dog hair to sweep/vacuum (more cleanup in general)
  • More cost
  • Sometimes a struggle to get up early enough to walk one dog, now two?
  • Unknown/unpredictable animal in the house.  The one we have is pretty darn good.
  • Small house for one dog and 2 big boys – how much more room will second dog occupy?
  • Will pet sitter take second dog?  Most likely yes

What would you do?



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7 responses to “Should we or shouldn’t we?

  1. michele

    My mind went to double vet and dog food bills, but I’d still give it a shot!!

  2. You already have a dog, so know the costs and care involved, so there should be no big surprises…but look at that face – how could you not. I’m a sucker for a cute doggy face. Good luck with your decision! 🙂 (I know, that wasn’t much help – sorry)

  3. I would have a dog tomorrow if I wasn’t working 🙂 Good luck with your choice.

  4. I got a baby rottweiler from the humane society last year. I hadn’t had a dog for about 10 years. OMG, the time and work involved, not to mention money, is way more than our 2 cats. But, so worth it. Nic is awesome. He relentlessly wants to play with the cats who will have none of it – they HATE him. I am very lucky to have a friend nearby who also has a dog big enough to play with my now 87 lb yearling! I could not handle the needs of a second dog like nic – he is a lot of work. However, my last dog was a female lab/shepard mix who was a total dream of a dog to train and have. I am told rotties are sedate once they reach adulthood – I very much hope this is the case. Good luck with your decision. ;*)

    • Thank you Misha. I’m not sure I’d be able to handle a puppy – our current dog came to us when he was about 1 1/2 and that was young enough for us. I’m glad to hear you’ve had such a good experience with yours.


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