Stitching scrappiness

I had a moment of panic when I read this post that indicated that my Scrap Attack quilt had to be completed by March 28 in order to be considered for all the goodies.  I truly thought I had until the end of March, literally March 31, to finish it.  Of course, had I read this post, I would have known the deadline so much sooner.  True to form, I skimmed and made assumptions, all of which were wrong.

No matter, it turns out that the quilt can be mostly finished (the top must be finished, ready to quilt and bind).

Mine definitely qualifies – I have yet to hand sew the binding.  Other than that, I’m pretty much as far along as I had hoped to be by now.  True, it’s not “done” but according to the rules, it’s done enough.


Scrap Attack quilt with legs

Gratuitous shot of J, the Ginger, my quilt holder who tries to not complain while his mom fiddles with the camera.




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8 responses to “Stitching scrappiness

  1. Love it! Such pretty colors. Also appreciating the way you quilted it. Looks like your quilt holder is nicely willing. He should talk to Aria about that!

    • Thank you Rachel! As the quilt holder gets older he does go along with it more good-naturedly; however, there’s still plenty of complaining. I happened to capture a moment when he was doing it with a smile (he lowered the quilt for a moment because it was too heavy – waa waa).

  2. Love the smile on your quilt holding helper the best! And you are almost done–congrats on using up your scraps in a lovely way!

  3. I love that quilt – it is such a great balance of prints and solids. And that quilt holder is a cutie!

  4. This is so fun! I love how the binding pulls the solids out too-excellent!


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