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Curse you infernal snap tape!

My sewing machine does NOT like snap tape.  For the life of me I could not get it sewn in by machine.  I used my zipper foot as recommended, but the foot just kept pushing the snap tape to the side, so the stitching is all zig-zaggy and really doesn’t look nice.  I ended up spending an hour sewing it in by hand (and I’m still not done).  I’m not sure I like the results.

On the plus side, the fact that I’m ready to sew in the snap tape means that I’m almost done – yea!!  It even fits the duvet.  I’m so excited!

I managed to get the quilted coasters wrapped and given to the teachers today.  Another gift finished and given!

Tonight I’ll finish up Primo’s duvet cover and piece Segundo’s backing.  If I’m really ambitious I might get it sewn on too.  Tomorrow night I’ll have to sew in the closure – I’m using individual snaps this time.  I’m sure snap tape serves a useful purpose, but it sure is hard to sew.

Since my mom does lovely needlepoint, I ordered two patterns from Sublime Stitching as part of a Christmas gift to her.  They just came today and I can’t wait to get them all wrapped up for her.  I’m going to try to whip together a pincushion for her too.  That’s possibly the kind of thing I can finish while we’re driving to my parents’ house on Christmas.  Am I crazy?


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Christmas countdown -3

I have 3 nights to complete the duvet covers.  I’m really feeling the pressure.  Last night I finished the front of Segundo’s duvet cover and I cut out the pieces for the backing for Primo’s.  Tonight I’m going to try to whip up either coasters or coffee cozys for the boys’ teachers.  I think I can get the latter done, but I usually underestimate how much time these projects take.

I didn’t use a pattern for the duvet covers and I’m really feeling it when trying to figure out how much fabric I need for the back.  Do I cut the piece as long as the back is?  Or do I piece it using the width?  I’ve decided to piece using the width as a guide.  So the back has two red pieces that are 45″ wide and two black pieces that are 12″ wide for a total of 57″ wide, including seam allowances.  Since they’re 40″ long, I’ll also need to piece the bottom as the length has to be 86″.  As you can see in the pictures, I’ve gone with a UW-Madison theme, the biggest university in Wisconsin.  Primo’s is red and black and Segundo’s is red and white.  Oh!  Almost forgot…I’m also making them pillow cases.  Add that one to the to do list {sigh}.

I can do it!

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Making progress

I’m nearing completion on Segundo’s blanket full of love.  Or rather, duvet cover full of love.  I don’t have time to make them quilts.  Not yet anyway – these are Christmas presents and I got a late start.  

Segundo’s duvet cover needs the top and bottom part, the backing, and a closure.  Primo’s duvet cover needs the backing and a closure.  I’m going to experiment with snap tape.  

Both duvet covers are made with flannel and I was finding it difficult to work with the flannel because the top layer was always stretching beyond the bottom layer, almost an inch sometimes.  Then I figured out that my walking foot might help the problem and voila!  Problem solved. 

I figure I have about 4 hours left on Segundo’s and 3 hours left on Primo’s duvet cover.  I have a meeting tonight and tomorrow night, so I think I will be up late both nights sewing.

Oh yeah.  I also finished my tea towel.  That’s the one from Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  It’s really cute, but easy?  Not really.  It was quite time-consuming and it’s still not ready to give as a gift because the matching hot pad is not yet bound.  Ugh.  Another UFO.

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November UFOs

Need to divide and conquer, even though I have just a few projects to finish:

1)  Sampler

2)  Blanket full of love #2 – DONE!  And given as a gift.  I even threw in some burp cloths.

3)  Primo’s Christmas present – About 90% done; need backing and snap closure.  This is my own design.

4)  Segundo’s Christmas present – about 80% done.  Need backing, top border and bottom border, and closure.

Am excited to join Tallgrass Prairie Studio’s challenge.

Tall Grass Prairie Studio's challenge

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Not officially a UFO (Yet)

Laura has asked me to make a new quilt out of an old quilt our grandma made many many years ago.  I vaguely remember it…Laura said the fabric is primarily orange and was tied, not quilted.  She wants me to use colors that compliment the orange.  It was quilted with wool batting and she tried to get it carded but it was too old and not in good shape.  I’m excited to see what she has left.   Waiting for pictures Laura (hint hint)

Depending on when she hands it over, it could be another Christmas UFO (yikes).


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