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Goodbye 2012, Hello New Year!

When I posted last in May(?), I had no intention of not posting again for 7 months.  This is, after all, my own journal of stitchiness.  I’ve sewn a bit, but mostly I’ve been busy with my life.  I lived it, but didn’t chronicle it.  I hope to do better in the new year.  

That’s pretty much it for my new year’s resolutions.  Well, that and returning my library books on time.  The latter is a constant goal for me.

Here’s to a happy, bloggy new year!



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Shameless Thievery From a Sticky-Fingered Typist

UPDATE:  Since I originally posted this entry (and the previous) I did something (I have no idea what) to fix the fonts.  Could have been deleting the fonts from the Typekit thing, clearing the cache, as was one suggestion, or simply closing the browser and opening it up again. It was not, despite my post below, the result of borrowing someone else’s fonts.

The world will never know.  And neither will I.


I’m a thief; I admit it.

I stole someone else’s font choices since mine became so spectacularly mucked up.  I’d use stronger words but I’m a lady.

I was blog hopping and came across a crafty blogger who had that little Typekit icon in her menu bar so I peeked into her font stash. Then I shamelessly copied her choices.  I guess I didn’t actually steal her fonts since she can still use hers.  And I can use them too.  Wouldn’t that be more like imitating then?  And isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?  I think that’s my story.

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What’s the penalty for killing my WordPress?

Hello!  Hello! Can you see me?  I’m down here!

The other day I thought it was a brilliant idea to mess around with my fonts so I added Typekit so I could get me some new fonts.  The free Typekit version, mind you.  Not the fancy-pants pay version.  Uh uh, not me.  Then I decided I didn’t like the fact that no one could actually see my blog any more b/c the font is too flippin’ small.

So I searched the WordPress forums for some help, as in, how do I make my font bigger; i.e., a readable size?  Or how do I go back to the default?  (Ya think I could have checked that out before making the changes?  Ha!)  Turns out, you can’t actually change font size unless you know CSS.  What the hell is CSS?  Turns out CSS is some kind of coding for blogs, or web pages in general or WordPress blogs.  And I’m not sure, but I think you have to pay for the ability to alter the CSS.  I don’t know.  Don’t care either.  All that matters is that I don’t know CSS and apparently it’s tricky for a novice like myself so I am going to heed the warnings not to mess with the CSS.

In the meantime, if you can read this, can you tell me how to go back to my default font?

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In Wisconsin, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change

Late this morning we had about 3 minutes of pea-size hail after night like darkness, thunder and lightning.  Crappy weather, even by Wisconsin standards.  A frosted bowl of suck, as we like to say around here.

This is hail covering the ground, not snow:

My youngest son experienced it first-hand, in his pajamas and soccer sandals.

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End of Fresh Comfort Two

I’m done.  I finished the last blocks for Balinda’s month in Fresh Comfort Two.  She chose fun blocks that I’ve never made before.  She’s making two I-spy quilts for her family’s cabin and she sent a whole bunch of fabric to make the blocks.

I had a little trouble with the blocks.  The one on the right is just a hair short of 12 1/2″ so I made the center of the block on the left a little bit larger figuring I could trim the block at the end to the appropriate size.  What I didn’t consider, however, is that since I had already pre-cut the squares that framed the center block, I wouldn’t have enough room in each subsequent square to sew 1/4″.  If you zoom in on the photo you can see that the edges are tucked into the next square a bit.  I don’t think it will be noticeable overall, but I hate to send out blocks with such a mistake.  I hope Balinda understands.

So Fresh Comfort Two is now done.  It’s been a year and we’ve made a total of 11 months of blocks.  The moderator decided that she didn’t want blocks made for her month so we had December free.  That leaves just do. Good Stitches Bee which I am really enjoying.

I really am glad I was part of these groups and learned a lot.  There’s a whole Flickr group dedicated to quilting bees and it’s full of inspiration, as well as the pitfalls of belonging to this sort of anonymous type of quilting group.  I think I’ll save that for another post though.

For now, stick a fork in it; I’m done.

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Another First

My first Friday Night Sew-In.  Jim is out of town and the boys have a movie to watch.  That leaves me with some sewing time.  Yea!!

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