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WIP Wednesday

Well, hello there!

I didn’t mean to miss another whole month of blogging but, you know, I’m a busy gal.  I know you get it.

I have been doing some sewing, but generally, if I’m not blogging I’m not usually sewing much either.

On the completed pile:

I finished proofreading the latest issue of Fat Quarterly:  Kids.  Some of my favorite projects from this issue are Springtime Hues by Elizabeth Dackson, Scrappy Squares by Amber Carrillo, and Who’s Peeking by Brioni Greenberg.  The team also did a great job of highlighting many of the great kid prints on the market.  There’s so much goodness in this issue, you just have to check it out!

I also completed a FOURTH quilt in 4 months.  Big yay!  I didn’t do this one start to finish in 2012, but I did finish it (in April), so it counts!  This is actually one of the first quilt tops I ever made, so it’s been completed for a few years now.  I created the layout, such as it is: a bunch of 5″ squares from a charm pack plus a couple of extra prints thrown in.  Of course, they’re sashed in white because I love quilts sashed in white.  I read in Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison that quilts aren’t considered “modern” when they have a border.  Huh.  Who knew?  So it’s not very modern, but it IS very completed!  I even sewed a label on it. 🙂  I am donating this to Quilts For Kids.

Quilts for Kids

And of course, I also free-motion quilted it.  See?

Q4K closeup

I have never, ever done that on a quilt.  Boy were my shoulders sore after I was done!  The quilt is just 36″ square, but I quilted it in one sitting and when I was done I just sat there with my shoulders hugging my ears and tried to will away the pain.  Oy!  Let’s hope that gets better with practice.  And maybe wine.  Definitely wine.

The quilt is made primarily of prints from Santorini by Lila Tueller.  Start date (approximately) 1/2010, completed 4/29/12.

Also completed, blocks for 2 bees:

Pink zigzag HST strip (28 half square triangle/HST blocks) for Alecia in the April do. Good Stitches bee.  Truthfully, I doubt I will ever make this again.  I hate to say it, but I did not enjoy making this block.  I think it will be really pretty when added to the rest of the zigs from the bee, but because I have ongoing issues with my 1/4″ foot, and  because I had to make it the right size to match the rest of the bee’s strips, I had to rip and re-sew the whole thing.  Every.single.block.  AFTER I had already assembled it.  Sigh.  I do love the crispness of the pink and the white though.  Perhaps it will grow on me… 🙂

This little number is from the book 99 Quilt Blocks from your Favorite Designers.  Pardon my crummy mobile phone pic:

Missing Your Kiss

The block is called Missing Your Kiss and boy, it’s scrappy!  Amy was deliberate in wanting us all to step out of our comfort zone.  Everything came from her scrap bin and, although most of the prints were by Amy Butler, none of them “matched.”  Of course, I had to remake mine (again, note the theme here) because I was off by a little more than 1/8″ when I measured the final product.  Amy gave me extra fabric at last weekend’s sew day and she ordered me to NOT measure it (I think she was disappointed that I’d re-sew a block that was off 1/8″, but it mattered to me!!)

Next up:

May do. Good Stitches blocks for Kelsey

May MMQG bee blocks for Cindy

do. Good Stitches zippered pouch swap.  I am SO nervous about this one!  I’ve never made a pouch, never made anything with a zipper.  And the deadline for mailing is 5/12 (update:  5/19).  Gulp.

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WIP Wednesday

I am very, very happy to be completely finished with my Scrap Attack quilt.  Although I wasn’t awarded a single prize (and I can’t pretend I didn’t wish Mr. Random Number Generator would have chosen my entry), I sure feel like a winner with my 3rd completion this year.  Yep, I finished it on March 31.  That’s 3 quilts in 3 months.  One might say I’m on a kaiser (I’m on a roll, get it?  Kaiser?)

Scrap Attack Quilt. Done.


I like the back too – you can see the quilting better.  It disappears on the front.

The quilt was made almost entirely from scraps.  I purchased only the solid (Kona Azure) for the random aqua blocks and the binding.  All the other fabric came from my scrap bins.  Each block is 3 1/2″ square and the finished quilt is 60″ x 72″.  The backing was an old Ralph Lauren sheet I had purchased years ago and never used.  It’s twin was used for the back of M’s Christmas quilt.

Start date:  2/24/12; finish date 3/31/12.

I also completed 4 blocks for the Faith Circle of do. Good Stitches bee.  Des asked for 4 butterfly blocks (using this tutorial) in fresh, pretty girl colors.  After I took this picture, I measured and they were just a bit shy of 6 1/2″ so I had to take them apart and re-stitch the middle.  I admit I’m struggling with a 1/4″ seam on my new machine.  I have to move the needle quite far to the right to get the seam allowance more accurate.

March do. Good Stitches blocks

I worked on another block for the MMQG bee where I had seam allowance issues.  That block is “Missing your kiss” from the Modern Blocks book.  I had to completely disassemble it and that’s as far as I got.  One block of the 9 patch is just a bit smaller than 4″ square so I hope I can get more fabric to remake it.  Grrr.

Finally, I took a leap and free motion quilted my first quilt.  This is also one of the earliest quilt tops I made and it’s my own creation.  Nothing fancy about it.  It’s going to Quilts for Kids as soon as I bind it.  The fabric is primarily Santorini by Lila Tueller.

First FMQ quilt

In progress:

MMQG March bee block

MMQG April bee block

Faith Circle – do. Good Stitches April block

Baby blanket for Quilts for Kids

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WIP Wednesday #3

I’m not sure I should keep numbering these posts.  If I was up to #375 maybe, but #4?  Meh.

My only progress this week was adding 6 more blocks to my Scrap Attack quilt.  That’s 19 down, 11 to go.  I didn’t take a picture of them though – cuz they’re all pretty much the same.  I also thought about making a knitting roll and haphazardly organized (that’s got to be an oxymoron) my stash.  Those last 2 can’t really count toward progress though.

Boxes o'fabric

This doesn’t include everything I have.  I have some more to fold.  I have some precuts.  I have bigger pieces (more than 1 yard cuts) folded and stored separately.  I also have 5 bins of scraps (which I consider to be pieces smaller than a fat quarter).  I’ve learned a couple of things while folding:  I thought I had more reds.  And oranges.  I have way too many pinks – this is an all blue household, if you know what I mean.  What am I going to do with all that pink?  It also got weird trying to figure out what to do with colors outside of the basic spectrum (mostly white, gray, black, brown), as well as novelty fabrics (WTF?  Where did those come from?) and solids and a surprising amount of stripes.  I separated those too.  At one time I thought I’d make a Red Pepper-like quilt of stripes but nope.  There they sit.  Every year at the beginning of the year I read about people who put themselves on a fabric “diet” but I don’t feel compelled to do that.  I certainly am not fabric fat.  That said, I haven’t seen anything lately that I really have to have, so not buying anything right now is pretty easy.

Wanna know the best thing about today?  It wasn’t the 70 degree day in March, though that was pretty awesome.  What was so nice was that I got to go maple sugaring with my 4th grader.  Now THAT is a good day.

Tree hugger - this one's big enough to tap for maple sugaring. The tree, that is, not the boy.

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WIP Wednesday #2

More quilty progress makes me feel good!

This is the second of the Christmas quilts I made for my boys.  All that was left on Christmas morning was the binding so I boxed them up and gave them “as is”.  Not exactly as I wanted, but they’re done now!

Note the snow on the ground.  These pictures were taken on Monday, just 2 days ago.  It’s 62 degrees today.  Gotta love Wisconsin.

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WIP Wednesday

Since I just started keeping track, more or less informally, of my 2012 projects and their progress, I think this is as good a time as any to link up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday.

Lee herself seems to keep it brief and in keeping with the short stack on my plate, I’ll do the same.

I am halfway done sewing the binding on J’s (Christmas) quilt after stitching about 30″ Tuesday.

I completed 10 more blocks of my Scrap Attack quilt, so I have 13 down, 17 to go.

stack o'blocks


Scrap Attack quilt progress



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