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Quick update

I got a total of 1 1/2 blocks done last night.  No wait!  I actually only completed one.  Here is the one that I completed.  It  is part of a very long project (from the 2nd QAYG Quilt Along):

And here is the one that I couldn’t quite finish.

Believe it or not these took hours to finish.  I make a practice block every time I try something new.  I’m practicing for the November Do. Good Stitches block.  I can make a block in any style but it has to include a little embroidered piece that was provided by the quilt designer.  I’m too afraid to screw it up so I’m totally playing it safe.  I did finish my practice block this evening and then made another one that is a bit wonky and that is the one I’ll use for the final design. The block above involved precision and I simply can’t eek precision out of my machine.  I broke down today and purchased a 1/4″ foot and we’ll see how that goes.

The QAYG block is time consuming because I quilt each piece as I lay it down.  I’ve tried it the other way (sew each piece to the batting and then quilt the whole thing) and it does go more quickly but I don’t like the finished result quite as much.

So, that’s what I got done last night, and what I didn’t get done.


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Need a fix

Need a lighting fix.

I know I can find instructions on the web for making a light box in which I can photograph my blocks and other small things.  I need one.  My lighting setup is just terrible, even in the morning sun.  These pictures were taken this morning when it was bright and sunny but you can hardly tell:

These are more blocks for the QAYG Quilt Along.   That’s 4 blocks down and, like, a bajillion to go.  The important thing though is that these are for ME.  I’m not making them for anyone else’s quilt but mine.

I also finally uploaded some blocks for a quilt that are not for me.  They’re for the Do. Good Stitches charity quilt I’m helping create.  Alesa asked for blocks in green/teal and orange/yellow.

When put side by side, they also create blocks like this:

And you can see both blocks together here:

And on the off-chance that Laura reads this before she gets her mail, here is a sneak peek for something I’m working on for her:


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